upRooted – artist: cRuz kAi

This is the moment when we must come together to save this planet. Let us resolve that we will not leave our children a world where the oceans rise and famine spreads and terrible storms devastate our lands.”

~ Barack Obama

Back in spring of 2013, I started a series of paintings that were inspired by my then recent visit to the island of Molokai.  While there, I learned about the Hawaiian legend of the Three Windstorms of Hina.  This story was on my mind for months after I returned to the island of Oahu, and has since then been an ongoing influence on my art.

This particular legend is about the goddess of nature, Hina.  She possesses a magical gourd, in which she keeps three windstorms.  She is married to Wakea, the great sky god.  These two are the proud parents of island of Molokai. 

This story revolves around Hina’s concern for the well-being of her child, Molokai, and her vow to protect it.  

The vow is this; Hina will return to Molokai upon the three fullest moons of the year.  

On Hina’s first visit, if the aina (land) is not being taken care of, she will release the weakest of the three windstorms, as her first warning to the inhabitants to do better, to take greater care of her child.  

Upon her second visit, if the aina is not being honored she releases a stronger windstorm that causes more damage, and this one serves as the last warning of an even greater windstorm, to follow, if they do not heed her warning.  

Finally, upon her third inspection, if the aina is being polluted, harmed, or desecrated further, she would then release the most powerful of windstorms from her wind gourd.  This final and deadly windstorm destroys homes, uproots trees, and creates flooding. This final windstorm is most likely a hurricane.

Conclusion: Malama (take care of) the aina, respect the aina, protect the well-being of the aina.

This painting, “upRooted”, is inspired with love for the aina and all humanity, and was created with watercolors and Micron pen. Now available on 8″ x 10″ glicee prints.

Here’s a song about Molokai, provided to YouTube by CDBaby.

Molokai Sweet Home · by Pure Heart